The, Col John Bond Sr, Family and History

Lt Col John Bond Jr

The, Col John Sr, Family and History
John Bond born about 1690
Col John Bond Sr
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Lt Col John Bond Jr
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Southern Bond Genealogy
Bond Harvison Cemetery, Wiggins MS
Col John Bond Cemetery, McHenry MS
Around 1825, Lt Col John Bond Jr, built a large Home on his new Plantation that he named Indie about 1 1/2 Miles West of, Wiggins MS, on the North side of Red Creek close to a large Spring that is curently owned by Decendents of his oldest daughter Delpha Bond who married James Batson. Archie Batson is the curent Owner of the Property.
The large Spring on Indie Plantation is where, Lt Col John Bond Jr, met his 3rd wife Sarah Ann Terrell Largent. She was watering her Horse at the Spring. They talked for several hours and decided to get married. It is recorded in both Bond and Terrell family records the wedding took place by the Spring where they had met and it was a very big wedding. And that Rev. Thomas Price who lived nearby on the South side of Red Creek married them.

The first Child of JOHN BOND Sr.1749,
IV. 1, Lt Col JOHN BOND Jr,  born 1770 in Beaufort NC, married Adelphia Batson, Aug 19 1793 in Burke County GA . 2nd married, Elizabeth ( Wallis) Batson, 3rd married Sarah Ann ( Terrell ) Largent. He is buried in the Col John Bond Cemetery, Stone County MS.


2. DELPHA  BOND BATSON  (b) 1808
3. RUSSELL BOND  (b)  1815
4. SERMANTHA BOND  (b) 1820
Child of JOHN BOND Jr. and,
5. CARROL BOND  (b)  1824
Children of JOHN BOND Jr. and,
7. SEAPHUS  BOND  (b) 1842
8. LAFAYETTE BOND  (b)  1843

Lt Col John Bond Jr. 1770
Captian John Bond War of 1812
Lt Col John Bond Jr Mississippi Territorial Milita
A letter has been preserved that, Lt Col John Bond Jr, wrote about India Plantation. He gave directions to the Plantation on the North side of Red Creek west of, Wiggins MS, about One and a Half Miles.
One of Col John Bond Jr's Prized Possesions was a copy of the Erth and Hole Orbis that evidently had been handed down to him, or,somehow aquired by him.
When he was old, Lt Col John Bond Jr, made a Walking Cane. He carved the Names of his Ancestors on the Cane and told the Family that the Names was his Family " scuthings". Several years after he died his Cane was on the Wall of Walter Davis's Store at Perkinston to atract Business. But it disapeared.
In 1851, Lt Col John Bond Jr, recieved a Federal Land Grant for his services in the War of 1812. And he built another Home on Riceville Rd. West of McHenry MS. and that is where he was buried.
In 1841, Lt Col John Bond Jr, paid taxes on 243 head of Cattle and Horses at Indie Plantation. And the large Bay is still known as, Indie Bay,on the North Side of Red Creek between Wiggins and Perkinston MS.